A Grand Reunion

Home Mission Stories is excited to share this anecdote with you. This story published in Glenmary's Boost-A-Month Club newsletter in January, but it was too good of a tale to not share again here. In this story, Glenmary's graphic designer finds out she had a family connection to the Home Missioners of America without ever … Continue reading A Grand Reunion


ADVENTures in Time: Read them all

To get everyone in the holiday spirit during Advent, the staff of Glenmary Challenge magazine went back to the archives to share some of the best Christmas stories ever reported from the missions. Here they are, preserved for your reading enjoyment. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Week 1: Father Dorn's Christmas Tree Week 2: Christmas Poverty … Continue reading ADVENTures in Time: Read them all

Under the Shadow of the Cross: A Lenten reflection

Father Aaron Wessman is missionary pastor of Glenmary's Holy Spirit mission in Windsor, N.C. This is the final installment of our Lenten Reflection series. To read the previous entries, click HERE or scroll to the bottom of this post. Have a blessed Triduum, and a happy, holy Easter. Mission Under the Dark Shadow of the … Continue reading Under the Shadow of the Cross: A Lenten reflection