The Moment I knew: Fr. Fid Levri

Father Fidelis Levri never thought he would live this long. A sickly child, he thought his days were numbered. So, he vowed that if he got stronger, he would devote his life to the Lord. Now, he is celebrating his 50th anniversary as an ordained priest. The self-described runt of the family, Father Fid was … Continue reading The Moment I knew: Fr. Fid Levri


The moment I knew: Fr. Bruce

For many Glenmarians, the road to the home missions was not a straight path. Many worked different jobs for several years before answering their calling. Others started their discernment in a diocese or with a different order. Some had families before realizing their vocation. Regardless of their origins, Glenmary’s priests and brothers can all identify … Continue reading The moment I knew: Fr. Bruce