Glenmary prays for you

Prayer chest 2“Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful.” — James 5:16

prayer chest 3In the Book of James, and elsewhere in Scripture, Christians are exhorted to pray for one another. As religious priests and brothers, Glenmary Home Missioners take that job seriously. In their daily prayers, they pray not only for their fellow missioners, but also for all Glenmary’s supporters and for anyone else who asks.

If you have received a written communication from Glenmary in recent years, you’ve likely noticed a place on the return paperwork where you can write your prayer requests. For the more digitally inclined, prayer requests can also be made online HERE. Sending these in either way will allow Glenmarians to bring your petitions before the Lord.

Only God knows how prayer truly works, but if you’ve ever wondered where the physical copy of your Glenmary prayer requests go after you drop them in the mail or click send, here’s the process.

Prayer Chest MonicaMonica McCoy in Glenmary’s Donor Services, and her team, collect and place the intentions in a chest inside Glenmary’s Our Lady of the Fields Chapel in Cincinnati. Monica prints the emailed requests and gathers the hand-written ones together. Her own practice is to say a prayer for all the intentions she has gathered on a given day. (Monica also says a prayer every day at 3 p.m. for all the donors she has had contact with each day.)

Then, volunteers Charlene or Mary Lou personally deliver the intentions to the chest in the chapel.

The chest of prayers is located to the left of the altar, near the chapel’s tabernacle.

Update (6-14-17): Turns out the chest has a story of its own. After the chapel was built, Father Gus Guppenberger expressed interest in a formal chest to store the prayer requests. Paul Lambert, a mechanic from Middletown, Ohio, volunteered. Paul was the father of Susan Lambert, a long-time Glenmary employee and presently Glenmary’s Planned Giving Officer.

Monica works with Father Don Tranel, Glenmary’s development director, who fields many of the requests.

“Some of these really tug at your heartstrings,” he said, adding that all the intentions are remembered at Morning Prayer and during daily Mass.

Glenmary runs on the support of its friends. Financial gifts and volunteerism are a crucial part of our being able to continue this ministry, but so are your prayers.

If you’d like Glenmary to pray for you, by all means drop us a line HERE.

And please, pray for Glenmary. All the priest, brothers and co-workers toiling away to make Mission Land, USA into the Kingdom of God need your prayers as well.

P.S. Looking for a good prayer? Try these!
Home Mission Prayer
Our Lady of the Fields Prayer


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